Our History

A Brief about Bmanagar Welfare Society
The organization BAMANAGAR WELFARE SOCIETY (B.W.S.) started Its happenings only in the year 2003 under the leadership of some educated, enthusiastic and welfare minded youths of the village Bamanagar and some adjacent neighboring villages in a grass-root level which is designed as a Non-Governmental Voluntary non-profiteering organization. It was lawfully registered under the W.B.S.R. Act. XXVI of 1961 bearing its Registration No. .S/1L36127 dtd. 01.04.2006 and is in legal status being renewed as per Act and Rule. The organization members are inspired with the life and work of Swami Vivekananda. This led then to name the society B.W.S. in course of time, it was started for integrated. Rural and social development to ensure the active participation of the rural people of the Sundarban region.
Legal Entity :
On 01.04.2006 the B.W.S. was registered under the W.B.S.R. Act. XXVI of 1961 under the government of West Bengal.
Management :
A duly elected Managing Committee administer the organisation in proper way and entity.
The overall administration of the organisation is entrusted to the elected Managing Committee. The day-to-day activities of the B.W.S. are being carried out by some sub-committee and a core team of paid and voluntary staff.
The B.W.S. has formed the rural development groups with local people to look after the programme activities at the grass root.